Eager to learn more about Nuru massage? Here’s all that you need to know about this unique procedure in a nutshell

Ever heard the words “nuru massage” thrown around and it left you intrigued and curious to find out more? You’re in luck – by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about this massage, including:

  •   Where did it come from
  •   What makes it special
  •   Whether it is legal
  •   How it can help you

Japan is the birthplace of a nuru massage, but it’s basically ubiquitous nowadays

The culture of solicited erotic services has a long history in Japan – though, contrary to the widespread belief, it can’t be confused with the geisha culture (although some prostituted tended to call themselves that in the past). What we know is that nuru emerged as a result of the 1950’s prostitution ban. This ban facilitated the spread of the so-called fuzoku, meaning non-penetrative sexual techniques, which include the so-called soap massage. Nuru is, in fact, a later outgrowth of this “soapy” procedure. The popularity of nuru first boomed throughout Japan, and later grew to worldwide popularity, mainly thanks to its propagation via the internet.

What makes nuru stand out?

It’s primarily its close, intimately erotic nature. It’s no coincidence some people even dub it “sex without sex”. Nuru consists of close, nude body to body contact, further facilitated by the use of a special gel, which greatly eases the friction and gives the massage its name – nuru actually means slippery. The gel itself is made out of  edible seaweed, which has many other uses outside of this context as well and is very healthy in all its forms – even as a gel, since it’s beneficial for your skin.

You can learn more about the seaweed properties and uses here.

But let’s get back to the massage itself. People often wonder about the degree to which the erotic action really takes off. Let’s say outright that direct sex is out of the question in the vast majority of salons that provide this service – but that doesn’t mean people don’t get their “happy ending” there. The stimulation of intimate parts – either by hand, or body, is an integral part of the whole experience, and the result is nearly always an intensive orgasm!

What about the legality of this procedure?

Nuru massages are legal – or at least tolerated – in large parts of the world, since they technically don’t count as direct prostitution. You can enjoy them in large parts of Europe, US and Canada, as well as in many Asian countries, including its birthplace, Japan. Still, you might want to be careful and ought to research its legality in any given country beforehand in case you decide you wish to try a nuru massage there!

What actual benefits can it provide?

While widely sought-after for their erotic aspect, which is undoubtedly powerful, there is much more that this therapy can provide. The intense sensuality is tempered by an actual physiotherapeutic work on the whole body, which relaxes and relieves muscle and joint pain and provides a wholesome relief. Among the resulting benefits, you can find for example:

  •   Improved blood flow, resulting in better toxin disposal and strengthened immunity
  •   Heightened libido and sex drive
  •   Renewed  sexual confidence
  •   Stress relief, improved mood
  •   Improved skin quality (thanks to the special gel)

And much more… We hope you know enough by now to make up your mind whether this massage is the right thing for you!

Do you know any other erotic massages you could compare to this one? Which are those and what are they about? And if you had to pick one, which would it be and for what reasons? Or perhaps you’re a layman – are you tempted to make a foray into this exciting world and what compels you to do so? Leave a comment below!

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