Jennifer Lopez, Shakira Reserved for the Super Bowl’s 2020 Half time Show

Super Bowl's 2020 Half time Show

Those of us who have fantasized of a Super Bowl halftime display with Lizzo meanwhile at least 2017 would just have toward wait a while extended. ESPN’s Adam Schefter states Thursday that super bowl 2020 LIV’s half time show would feature Jennifer Lopez also Shakira a suitable pairing for a host town, Miami, recognized for its rich past with and linking to Latin music.

Some anticipated a musical advent through rapper Jay-Z, whose Roc Nation entertaining business lately declared a debated partnership by the NFL among fallout from the league’s association with previous San Francisco 49ers quarter back Colin Kaepernick. Nonetheless a Jay-Z halftime demonstration would have to wait until as a minimum 2021, it seems.

For Lopez, her adding to the halftime phase marks additional main recent landmark: The singer also actress, who turned 50 in July, has fascinated Oscar buzz for her performance in the film Hustlers, plus she was given MTV’s Audiovisual Vanguard Reward on the 2018 VMAs. Her 20-year recording vocation has spun off an extensive string of hits too, obviously but even Lopez cannot match the huge and continual global achievement of Shakira, who remnants one of the world’s principal music stars. Both females have released albums in English also Spanish, so anticipate a set that reaches well outside the English-speaking part of the Super Bowl viewers.

More guests would be declared in the runup to the large game. Also, not that any of the verdict-makers involved are probable to be reading this, nonetheless … you distinguish that Lizzo is in Hustlers, also, right?

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